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Indirect Cost Reduction for Mid-Size Businesses

Bottom line improvement sounds simple enough - increase revenue and/or reduce expenses. Revenue speaks for itself. Expenses are another story. They're divided into direct and indirect or overhead categories. Our mission is bottom-line improvement through indirect cost reduction. Here, we focus on helping clients reduce indirect expenses, recover overspending on indirect expenses and actively manage indirect expenses on an on-going basis. For mid-size businesses, indirect expense cost categories are very difficult to manage and control.

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Current Environment

Did you know that most mid-size businesses whether for-profit or not-for-profit, regardless of industry vertical, are overspending on indirect expenses? It's true. Some by as much as 20% to 50% across multiple indirect expense categories. Consider the following:

  1. Very little, if any, indirect expense categories are under active management,
  2. The data environment for this part of the spend is fragmented, complex and difficult to manage,
  3. Detail spend visibility, analytics and reporting is woefully inadequate or missing altogether,
  4. Responsibility for the indirect spend is fragmented, and
  5. The current staff simply does not have the time to adequately address indirect expenses.


Given the current environment, results are predictable:

  1. Overspending across multiple indirect expense categories is all but guaranteed,
  2. Tens of thousands of dollars may be leaking through the bottom line, and
  3. Despite current efforts, more can be done.

Often times, mid-size businesses are unaware of how much money is actually being lost.

If these facts concern you and you're interested in recovering the overspending on indirect expenses for your mid-size business, take a minute and learn about BottomLine Improvements. We may be able to help you produce immediate, measurable results in terms of hard-dollar savings, with no investment and at no net cost to you.