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Indirect Cost Reduction Services for Mid-Size Businesses

From the beginning, we've helped our mid-size business clients (both for-profit and not-for-profit) recover millions of dollars in overspending on indirect expenses. However, just recovering the overspending is not enough. Why? Because reducing indirect spend is not an event. It must be an on-going process to remain successful. Once left alone, indirect costs only go in one direction - up.

To address both the initial cost reduction effort and the on-going management requirements, our capabilities are organized around two primary service offerings: Cost Reduction and Category Management. Category Management is a direct result of client requests. Both have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

Cost Reduction

Our capabilities currently cover 11 cost areas and 68 cost categories. For a given scope of indirect expense categories and their related suppliers, our Cost Reduction offering is focused on recovering the overspending on indirect expenses and producing immediate, measurable results in terms of hard-dollar savings.

Going Over Budget

This is accomplished on behalf of our clients through the following activities:

  1. Analyzing the current spend,
  2. Reviewing current Agreements,
  3. Restructuring the current spend if necessary,
  4. Establishing the current cost base-line for each category,
  5. Sourcing and negotiating with suppliers,
  6. Tracking and reporting both savings and compliance to implemented deals, and
  7. Renegotiating item costs and requesting adjustments from suppliers.

For each negotiated deal implemented, BottomLine Improvements is paid a percentage of the realized hard-dollar savings over a 12-month period.

Category Management

Whereas our Cost Reduction offering is project-based and has a 12-month duration for each negotiated supplier deal implemented, Category Management provides on-going oversight and management support on a defined portfolio of indirect cost categories for a pre-defined term which is renewable by the client.

Activities performed on behalf of the client include the following:

  1. Same activities covered under our Cost Reduction offering,
  2. Spend visibility improvements,
  3. New metrics,
  4. Standard monthly analysis and reporting including dashboards,
  5. Recommendations for continued cost reduction improvements.

This offering usually follows our Cost Reduction service. And, like the Cost Reduction service, we're paid on performance and guarantee results.

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